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CASE WHEN expr1 = expr2 THEN NULL ELSE expr1 END

Section 12.4, “Control Flow Functions”


Section 6.2.7, “Access Control, Stage 2: Request Verification”
Section 12.10, “Cast Functions and Operators”
Section 10.2, “Character Sets and Collations in MySQL”
Section 8.3.9, “Comparison of B-Tree and Hash Indexes”
Section 8.8.2, “EXPLAIN Output Format”
Section 25.42, “Extensions to SHOW Statements”
Section 12.17.3, “Functions That Search JSON Values”
Section 13.8.3, “HELP Syntax”
Section A.11, “MySQL 8.0 FAQ: MySQL Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Character Sets”
Section, “mysql Client Server-Side Help”
Section 1.8.1, “MySQL Extensions to Standard SQL”
Section 22.6.11, “NDB Cluster Replication Conflict Resolution”
Section 12.3.1, “Operator Precedence”
Section, “Pattern Matching”
Section 26.4.4, “Pre-Filtering by Instrument”
Section 22.5.9, “Quick Reference: NDB Cluster SQL Statements”
Section, “Range Optimization”
Section, “Replication Slave Options and Variables”
Section, “SHOW CHARACTER SET Syntax”
Section, “SHOW COLLATION Syntax”
Section, “SHOW COLUMNS Syntax”
Section, “SHOW DATABASES Syntax”
Section, “SHOW EVENTS Syntax”
Section, “SHOW OPEN TABLES Syntax”
Section, “SHOW STATUS Syntax”
Section, “SHOW TABLE STATUS Syntax”
Section, “SHOW TABLES Syntax”
Section, “SHOW TRIGGERS Syntax”
Section, “SHOW VARIABLES Syntax”
Section 6.2.4, “Specifying Account Names”
Section 12.5.1, “String Comparison Functions”
Section 9.1.1, “String Literals”
Section, “Structured System Variables”
Section 11.4.1, “The CHAR and VARCHAR Types”
Section, “The ps_setup_disable_consumer() Procedure”
Section, “The ps_setup_disable_instrument() Procedure”
Section, “The ps_setup_enable_consumer() Procedure”
Section, “The ps_setup_enable_instrument() Procedure”
Section 11.4.5, “The SET Type”
Section 5.1.9, “Using System Variables”